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23  Views  |  October 02, 2020

Viewing HyperIntelligence Cards in Microsoft Outlook

View instant insights from HyperIntelligence cards without leaving your inbox!

In this video, we’ll walk you through how HyperIntelligence scans your emails for keywords to present relevant cards. We’ll also explore the HyperIntelligence search function within Microsoft Outlook and share quick tips to help you manage your cards.


[00:06] Open the HyperIntelligence for Office Outlook Add-In 

[00:14] Pin the HyperIntelligence Add-In to Your Inbox

[00:20] Experience HyperIntelligence Automatically Scan Your Emails for Keywords

[00:33] View HyperIntelligence Cards Directly in Outlook

[00:49] Modify the Email Fields that HyperIntelligence Scans

[00:59] Search for Specific HyperIntelligence Cards by Keyword

[01:18] Manage the HyperIntelligence Cards that Appear in Your Results