Published: October 02, 2020  •  708 Views

View HyperIntelligence Cards in Microsoft Outlook

View instant insights from HyperIntelligence cards without leaving your inbox. 

In this video, we’ll walk you through how HyperIntelligence automatically scans your emails for keywords and phrases to present relevant cards. We’ll also explore the HyperIntelligence search function within Microsoft Outlook and share best practices to help you manage your cards.

[00:10] Opening the HyperIntelligence for Office Outlook Add-In

[00:18] Pinning the Add-In to Your Inbox

[00:24] Scanning Your Emails Automatically for Keywords

[00:37] Viewing Cards Directly in Outlook

[00:53] Modifying Which Email Fields Are Scanned

[01:03] Searching for Specific Cards by Keyword

[01:22] Managing Which Cards Appear in Your Results

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Getting Started with HyperIntelligence

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