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35  Views  |  October 02, 2020

Viewing HyperIntelligence Cards in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Explore how to deploy the HyperIntelligence web extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

In this video, we’ll walk you through the simple, streamlined workflow for adding the HyperIntelligence extension to your preferred web browser—so you’re ready to view contextual insights directly within the websites you use most. We’ll also review the settings that you can customize to ensure you make the most of HyperIntelligence.


[0:23] Add the HyperIntelligence Extension to Google Chrome

[0:58] Select HyperIntelligence Cards to Turn On for Viewing in Chrome

[1:26] View Cards In Action by Hovering Over Matched, Underlined Keywords 

[2:10] Search for Specific HyperIntelligence Cards within the Chrome Extension 

[2:37] Manage Environment URLs to Disable Blocked Websites in Settings

[3:36] Add the HyperIntelligence Extension to Microsoft Edge