Published: November 05, 2020  •  620 Views

Enable HyperIntelligence for Your Team's Outlook Emails

Learn how to deploy HyperIntelligence for Office Outlook to your organization. 


In this video, we will explore how you and your team can leverage the power of HyperIntelligence directly in Microsoft Outlook. Follow along as we show you how to download the Outlook Add-in and enable it as a custom add-in to deploy HyperIntelligence for Office Outlook to your organization.

[0:09] Introducing the HyperOffice Outlook Add-in

[0:38] Generating the Add-in Manifest File 

[1:05] Installing the Add-in for Outlook Desktop

[1:24] Deploying the Add-in to Your Team

Pilot HyperIntelligence in 1 week!

Getting started with HyperIntelligence is easier than you think. See how quick and easy it is to deploy your first HyperIntelligence Card.

Getting Started with HyperIntelligence

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