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Customizing and Replacing Sample Salesforce Data​

Leverage the sample use case for Salesforce, which comes with your Hyper.Now trial, to see how HyperIntelligence works and use as a model for your own cards. Follow along as an expert demonstrates how you can create sample datasets and customize HyperIntelligence cards with data from your own applications and websites.​


[0:00] Demonstrating HyperIntelligence on Salesforce​
[1:01] Accessing the Salesforce Account Sample Card​
[1:22] Accessing and Editing the Salesforce Account Sample Dataset​
[2:30] Using Multi-form Attributes​
[2:50] Saving and Certifying a Dataset​
[3:26] Replacing a Dataset​
[3:45] Enabling Your New Card​

HyperIntelligence for Sales Teams

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