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124  Views  |  October 02, 2020

Building Your First HyperIntelligence Card

Learn how to quickly build your very first HyperIntelligence card! 

In this video, we’ll show you how quick-and-easy it is to build a fully-functional and ready-to-share HyperIntelligence card from scratch. We’ll describe the basic structure of HyperIntelligence cards, and explore the functionality that you’ll use to define keyword attributes, drag-and-drop objects, leverage design widgets, optimize your formatting, and much more.


[00:06] Start Building Your Card 

[00:32] Navigate the Card Creation Interface

[00:58] Choose Your Ideal Card Template

[01:10] Select the Right Keyword Attribute for Your Data

[01:31] Format Your Card Header

[03:14] Add Hyperlinks to Your Cards

[04:20] Understand the Benefits of Various Card Widgets

[04:45] Add Card Data Using the List Widget

[05:53] Customize Descriptions with the Text Box Widget

[06:25] Use the Matrix Widget to Streamline Your Design

[06:48] Format Numbers for Easy Viewing

[08:27] Delete Widgets You No Longer Need

[08:55] Format Percentage Data Using the Ring Widget

[09:46] Clear Widget Data to Fix Drag-and-Drop Mistakes

[10:20] Use the Footer to Convey Key Takeaways