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1202  Views  |  October 02, 2020

Getting Started with HyperIntelligence

Welcome to HyperIntelligence! There are just a few simple steps to take to ensure you’re ready to view and build your first HyperIntelligence cards. In this video, we’ll cover how to get started with MicroStrategy Workstation, your one-stop shop for HyperIntelligence. We’ll also show you the tools you need to access HyperIntelligence cards when browsing the web, checking your email, or using your phone—so that you can easily view the cards created by you and your teammates on-the-go.

Ready to get started? Follow the steps below or as outlined in your HyperIntelligence welcome email to get the tools you need to start building and viewing HyperIntelligence cards.

Already a HyperIntelligence expert? Below are some advanced options for your HyperIntelligence environment.

  • For Outlook deployment, download the Outlook Add-in
  • Connect to enterprise data sources
  • Embed HyperIntelligence directly into your applications using our Web SDK
  • Integrate HyperIntelligence with your enterprise security (coming soon)

For additional tutorials, help, and inspiration please leverage the HyperIntelligence video playlist.