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Viewing Cards on Your Mobile Device

View HyperIntelligence cards while you’re on the go—directly from your mobile device.

In this video, we’ll walk you through the powerful functionality provided by the HyperIntelligence Mobile app. We’ll demo how to search for cards, share card images, scan QR codes to view cards, use cards in your calendar, and much more.


[00:10] Introducing the Home Tab

[00:18] Searching for HyperIntelligence Cards

[00:46] Accessing Links from Cards and Sharing Individual Cards

[01:12] Scanning QR Codes to View Specific Cards

[01:42] Exploring Cards via the Calendar Tab

[01:53] Enabling Calendar for Cards

[02:06] Leveraging Calendar Functionality

[02:33] Managing Your Cards for Mobile

[03:09] Viewing Mobile HyperIntelligence Notifications

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Viewing your Cards

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Viewing Cards on Your Mobile Device

541 views  | October 02, 2020

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