Make informed decisions faster by adding instant insights to your everyday applications.

Why are only 3% of real-time business decisions actually driven by data?

Conventional tools take too long and require too many clicks to answer simple questions. Decision-makers lack what they need to make decisions based on data.

  • Time: Nobody has time to search for data before making a real-time decision.
  • Expertise: Learning curves for even self-service analytics tools can be steep, which requires time to learn—time which decision-makers may not have.
  •  Trust: Disparate and complex enterprise data systems can provide different answers for the same question. Which answer is accurate?

Don’t search for answers—let trusted answers find you with HyperIntelligence®.

HyperIntelligence proactively solves your data needs by delivering instant, zero-click insights and actions into the tools you use every day. With HyperIntelligence, users make data-driven decisions in real time.

  • Data finds you in the applications you use every day so you can see answers with just a hover of your mouse.
  • HyperIntelligence cards are built with a drag-and-drop interface so anybody can build and understand HyperIntelligence cards in under an hour.
  • Built upon MicroStrategy’s governed metadata semantic layer, HyperIntelligence cards will always show trusted, accurate data.

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HyperIntelligence for Sales Teams

Empower your reps to instantly prioritize opportunities, identify next-best actions, and discover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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HyperIntelligence for Contact Centers

Leverage HyperIntelligence to enable CSRs to field calls faster with better customer satisfaction than ever before without leaving their primary CRM tool.

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