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Our global MicroStrategy Services team offers a variety of consulting engagements to help you maximize the value of your enterprise technology investments using your MicroStrategy Intelligence Platform. 

Our expert-led services are delivered by consultants who offer the most extensive expertise in the industry—and who are trained every quarter in the latest capabilities, features, and best practices to help you deliver lasting results fast.

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Modernize your experience

Optimize your web and mobile apps for ease of use, intuitive navigation, interactive workflows, sleek interfaces, pixel-perfect design, and more—plus adopt HyperIntelligence to empower your users with contextual insights and one-click actions.

Enhance your capabilities

Seamlessly integrate a variety of data types and sources into your intelligence environments as you streamline your data management strategy—plus supercharge your insights with the latest innovations and technologies in data science to deliver AI, ML, NLQ, and more.

Solidify your foundation

Design and build an enterprise ready platform and data architecture that empowers you to rapidly and sustainably scale—whether on-premises or with a move to the cloud.