Get More Value with Enterprise Support.

Our global MicroStrategy Services team provides offers complimentary upgrade and advisory services that you can receive using your support plan benefits.  

Delivered as projects led by our Consulting organization, these services are designed to help you get more from your enterprise technology investments using your MicroStrategy Intelligence Platform. 

We're here to help you discover the services that are best suited for your unique needs. Contact us to day to:  

Get More Value with Enterprise Support.

Contact us today to learn more about the complimentary services engagements you can receive through your support plan.

Contact us today to:

Upgrade your environment

Get a customized DIY upgrade plan—or have our experts deliver your end-to-end upgrade for you.

Pilot new solutions and features

Explore capabilities you may not be fully leveraging and receive an enterprise-grade pilot solution for a new business challenge—using HyperIntelligence, Mobile, Dossier, and more.

Leverage big data

Boost your analyses by integrating volumes of new data into your platform—taking advantage of its robust open architecture.

Optimize performance

Put dozens of specialized features, capabilities, and services to work for better results—whether on-premises or with a move to the cloud.