Seconds count. Make every interaction count, too.

If you’re running a call center in 2020, your CSRs are most likely under stress and overworked. Striving to provide high levels of service, they have little time to compile billing information, product data, purchases, and support history to better understand their customer. There’s no shortage of data from disparate sources to discern, and with new systems coming online to support today’s challenges, getting the information they need just got more complicated. 

Enter HyperIntelligence®—empowering CSRs to field calls faster, and smarter, than ever before. Because information is surfaced directly within their primary CRM tool—there’s no need to waste time toggling between systems (and no learning curve required). With instant insights to inform every interaction, your call center can be positioned to:

  • Reduce Average Handle Time below the 3 to 6 minute national average 
  • Belay rising Abandonment Rates that have reached 10% in some industries  
  • Increase the likelihood for lucrative upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Getting a 360° view of your callers is faster than you think. Deploy in under 60 minutes, and experience the HyperIntelligence difference.