The Monthly MicroStrategy Data Visualization Challenge

About the Challenge

The DossBoss is a monthly data visualization contest open to everyone, from analytics newbies to MicroStrategy experts. The rules are simple:

Step 1: Gather your tools.

Download the assigned dataset* for the month and create an intuitive dossier with MicroStrategy Desktop.

Step 2: Submit your dossier.

Submit your dossier by the deadline. Check the chart below for each month’s theme, dataset, and submission deadline.

Step 3: Win!

Contest winners will be featured in The DossBoss Gallery and The MicroMinute, the MicroStrategy Community digital newsletter.

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DossBoss Community Group

The official DossBoss Visualization Challenge group, get information on the latest challenges and winners from the competition here.

Community Dossier Best Practices Guide

Review all of the best practices for dossier authoring and how you can create the most impactful dossiers to guide strategic decisions across the enterprise.

Data Visualization Gallery

Here you can find various visualizations to spruce up your dashboards. Learn how to build them or download and customize.

DossBoss Schedule

Submission Date
January 2021 COVID Pandemic and Vaccine Analysis Free Analyst Education Pass! Due by February 17, 2020 Download Dataset
December 2020 Movie Analysis
Free Analyst Education Pass! Due by January 8, 2021 Data of your choosing
November 2020 Let's see your best Sports Dossier!   Due by November 25, 2020 Data of your choosing
October 2020 Happy Halloween   Due by October 28, 2020 Download Dataset

September 2020

Back-to-school Amid COVID


Due by September 25, 2020

Download Dataset

August 2020

Is the future electric?


Due by August 28, 2020

Download Dataset

July 2020

COVID-19 and the impact on travel


Due by July 31, 2020

Download Dataset

June 2020

Global Warming: The competition isn't the only thing heating up!


Due by June 24, 2020

Download Dataset

May 2020

Tracking COVID-19


Due by May 22, 2020

Download Dataset

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