TDWI Report: Your Checklist for Supercharging Self-Service BI

Get started with these best practices and strategies. According to TDWI research, 71% of organizations want to increase adoption of self-service BI tools. However, companies face an unfortunate reality when bringing this goal to fruition--most people in an organization don't have the time, skill, or interest to learn to use new tools, no matter how beneficial they may be. That's why increasing adoption comes down to improving the user experience.

Discover how to enhance your user experience by reading the TDWI report, Six Strategies for Data-Centric Decision Making. It covers best practices and tips on how to tackle three critical issues when adopting self-service BI tools:

  • Context: Delivering relevant insights to every user
  • Autonomy: Ensuring that everyone can use the tool without leaning on IT
  • Trust and Governance: Guaranteeing complete, accurate, and dependable information

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