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Gartner Newsletter: The Era of Zero-Click Intelligence

MicroStrategy and Gartner have partnered to create an online newsletter that introduces HyperIntelligence—a new class of zero-click analytics that delivers insights into the flow of business like never before. View the newsletter to learn how HyperIntelligence injects answers to the apps, websites, and productivity tools people already use, bringing 100% analytics adoption within reach for the first time.

The site offers access to exclusive resources including:

  • The video launch of MicroStrategy 2019, delivered by Hugh Owen, SVP of Product Marketing
  • A free copy of Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Analytics and BI Platforms report
  • Videos and other resources to help you learn more about HyperIntelligence

Learn more about how HyperIntelligence can transform your organization, and why MicroStrategy 2019 is the platform for the job.

Upgrade Advisory

Reach out today to let us quantify the size and scope of your upgrade, recommend a streamlined approach, and deliver a validated upgrade strategy and road-map tailored to your unique intelligence ecosystem.

Hyper Pilot

Explore the potential of an entirely new class of analytics. Our experts will deliver 3 intelligence applications, built using real or sample data, to change how you run your business. You can solve real business problems and experience the power of MicroStrategy 2020.