Harvard Business Review: An Inflection Point for the Data Driven Enterprise

A new pulse survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that most enterprise organizations are not prepared for the data-driven future—in fact, one-third of the 729 responders described their current analytics maturity as largely static and backward-looking. While 87% of respondents say that advanced analytics is very important to digital transformation, only 11% have implemented this at scale. These alarming results show that a significant number of enterprises risk getting left behind as more data-driven organizations come out on top and disrupt industries.

With input from thought leaders such as Stephanie Woerner (MIT), Ray Wang (Constellation Research), Wayne Eckerson (Eckerson Group), and more, the report also presents insights on:

  • The top five technology barriers to digital transformation
  • The key business goals of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise
  • What successful enterprises are doing differently

Where does your organization stand on the road to the Intelligent Enterprise? Read the full report today and kickstart the transformation.