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MicroStrategy connects organizations with data to enhance decision-making and inspire innovation.

The ultimate power play of data horsepower and data creativity

Data Creativity

Move faster and more effectively with intuitive apps

We're obsessed with delivering dynamic data experiences for every user. So we made building personalized workspaces easy. Now you can design and deploy applications for everyone—no code, low code, or all code. And it’s all secured by design.

Data Horsepower

Deliver trusted insights with unmatched data governance

What happens behind the scenes? Our unrivaled semantic layer puts in the work. It delivers the security, scalability, and data horsepower you need to build applications with impact. All while maintaining data integrity—no matter how complex your data ecosystem.

How do we compare to the rest?

We’re more than just a fancy dashboard.

Data Creativity

Compelling Stories

Accelerate analytics adoption and increase data literacy with stunning data layouts


Dynamic Workspaces

Design and deploy personalized, actionable experiences with no-code dev


Data Infusion

Embed analytics across existing product ecosystems to elevate decision making


Proactive Answers

Deliver immediate intelligence to all users at the organization’s edge with Hyper


Future Proof

Enhance operations with augmented analytics, guided ML workflows, and AI


Data Horsepower

Absolute Data Integrity

Design the building blocks that maintain a single version of truth


Secure by Design

Integrate security from day one and apply specific access controls


Cloud Agility

Avoid technology stack lock-in and gain access to a team of experts


Analytics at Scale

Scale trusted analytics with a foundation of strong data governance


Automate Everything

Automate what you need when you need to run your business at lightspeed


“The platform currently delivers over 45,000 reports per day to more than 40,000 users. It supports a full suite of reporting styles, and we find that’s very helpful in being able to provide Airport Operations data where and when it’s needed. We have recognized over $18 million in cost savings and avoidance each year using it."

Jim Watts
Program Manager, U.S. Transportation Security Administration

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Design Data Workspaces

With MicroStrategy Applications, you can design experiences that provide users the space to evaluate data and get work done. We're all about actionable data.

Why HyperIntelligence?

HyperIntelligence delivers data to more users than ever before. Whether web applications, email, you name it. Quickly obtain the insights you need and take the next action from embedded cards.

The Power of Embedded

Level up your analytics strategy with embedded. The stats show that organizations that embed analytics are more likely to achieve optimal scale and value. Ready to see how it all works?

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