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Easily build impactful intelligence experiences that scale to the enterprise.

Break down silos and power data-driven decisions with custom BI applications for every user. 

  • Design powerful user experiences that deliver targeted insights with innovative visualizations and interactive controls.
  • View analytics content respond dynamically across any device, optimizing data analysis for users on web, desktop, or mobile.
  • Enhance collaboration with live messaging features that connect departments and increase engagement.
  • Deploy applications to thousands of users with automatic localization and security-by-design to protect your data.


Deliver actionable insights to 100% of the organization.

Simplify and streamline complex workflows. Encourage independent data discovery. Make smarter, faster decisions.

  • Leverage self-service and natural language tools that let both experts and beginners find insights in minutes.
  • Explore data with intuitive filtering options and save important views for later.
  • Subscribe to specific content for automatic, scheduled updates delivered right to email inboxes.
  • Save time and have the answers find you—get contextual insights integrated across top web applications for instant insights with zero-clicks

Seamlessly and securely extend the power of analytics with embedded insights. 

Transform internal applications, websites, and portals with fully integrated business intelligence.

  • Embed modern analytics components into enterprise platforms using APIs and SDKs for simple development that saves you both time and resources.
  • Enable partners, customers, or suppliers to interact with data in tools they already know, leading to higher adoption rates and reduced development costs. 
  • Accelerate growth and increase overall revenue with an embedded analytics solution that injects data into core workflows for improved decision-making.
  • Keep data secure with advanced security filters that control what individual users or groups can view within the embedded instance.

Explore the possibilities with MicroStrategy products for every user.

MicroStrategy Dossier

Dossier allows anyone across the organization to get started with self-service data discovery, build innovative dashboard layouts, and develop powerful data stories with BI applications. With a drag-and-drop interface and intuitive formatting options, Dossier allows you to create personalized, interactive analytics content in minutes.

MicroStrategy Library

The most successful companies put data at the center of their decisions. Library provides a personalized analytics portal for every user, prioritizing the information they need to make faster and smarter decisions. Business users and analysts alike can explore and collaborate—all in one place, on any device.  


Let the answers find you. HyperIntelligence securely provides zero-click insights anywhere and for everyone, with no coding at all.  HyperIntelligence scans websites, applications, and emails for keywords and delivers an augmented experience that delivers relevant data directly into daily workflows and decisions in real time.

Enterprise Semantic Graph

MicroStrategy brings consistency and governance to your data to ensure all stakeholders operate off a single version of the truth. The Enterprise Semantic Graph is the engine of our platform—it securely brings all your data sources into an architected foundation.

The only analytics tool that super-users will ever need.

Experience Workstation: the powerhouse product designed as the one stop shop for architects, administrators, and developers. Connect to data with ease, build powerful semantic models, and manage high-performance environments.

Powering data experiences for organizations across the globe

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Take a cloud-first approach to analytics—flexible, scalable, secure. MicroStrategy offers the #1 enterprise-grade managed cloud service, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the platform. All with one-click upgrades.


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