MicroStrategy ONE Update 11


Introducing MicroStrategy AI for automatic answers, dashboard creation, app design, and SQL generation.


Who is Auto?

Introducing Auto. The new virtual AI assistant that’s up for any challenge. Designed to embed into any app, website, or portal, the Auto AI chatbot enhances UX and amplifies existing analytics capabilities with artificial intelligence. Based on advanced large language models (LLMs) and carefully designed prompt engineering, Auto accelerates data exploration, automates app or dashboard design, and offers tools for SQL generation and predictive forecasting. It’s simple, conversational AI for revolutionary decision-making.

What is trusted AI?

MicroStrategy delivers the power of AI with the precision of BI. As the market leader in large-scale AI apps, we focus on object reusability and data integrity at scale. The reliability of the results from the Auto AI chatbot is rooted in the  MicroStrategy semantic layer and its robust security model. Auto strictly utilizes data sourced from MicroStrategy and applies dataset or user security configurations. All calculations and operations are executed by the MicroStrategy analytical engine for accurate and secure data processing.

Discover how to overcome key challenges in AI and BI integration, harness the power of Semantic Graphs, and leverage prompt engineering for data-driven decisions.


Do more. With less. Auto AI.

Designing dynamic apps with an AI-centric approach.


Get answers to all your data questions in seconds with AI 

Change how users interact with and explore their data. Using artificial intelligence, the AI assistant suggests questions based on the current dashboard display and underlying datasets. As the user types their question to the chatbot, the autocomplete function identifies relevant objects from the dataset, simplifying the query process. In addition to providing answers in natural language, Auto pairs responses with visualizations for clarity. The AI answers may also provide further data analysis, including trend analysis, forecasts, or a breakdown of key data drivers depending on the question. 


More creative and efficient dashboard design with AI

Provide a simple method for data visualizations and dashboards. Upon selecting a dataset, users receive AI-based analysis recommendations related to their data. This increases productivity for analysts, allowing them to build content in seconds. If users wish to ask their own questions, they can specify them, and Auto will create a new page to provide answers. This combination of automated suggestions, user-driven customization, and enhanced interactivity enables faster building that matches specific requirements. 


Simplify the complexity of SQL with conversational AI

Using AI, this feature facilitates database interaction by translating natural language into SQL queries. Users can input questions in everyday language, and AI converts them into corresponding SQL queries. This tool reduces the need for extensive SQL knowledge, making data more accessible to users with varying expertise. If users want to understand the conversion process, the AI explains of the generated SQL in straightforward terms, helping users grasp the logic behind their data queries.

Get the show-stopping duo of AI and advanced analytics


Anticipate market trends faster and optimize future strategy

Time Series Forecasting is a technique that allows businesses to estimate future trends based on past data patterns. It analyzes data points collected over sequential time intervals to detect patterns, trends, and variances. Using machine learning (ML) algorithms and conversations with the AI chatbot, this feature extracts insights from data to facilitate strategy formulation, resource allocation, and opportunity identification. The forecasting analysis reduces the time and effort previously needed for manual analysis.


Pinpoint critical factors behind performance metrics

Identify primary factors affecting specific outcomes. It focuses on individual variables to assess their impact on a designated metric. Powered by the AI chatbot and statistical methods, the tool gives users an interface to identify the main driving factors in their datasets. Suitable for roles like marketing managers, customer experience specialists, or supply chain analysts, this feature goes a level deeper and hones in on the real factors that might shape strategy and ultimately optimize return on investments.  


Track and highlight the top emerging trends to stay ahead 

Allow analysts to identify upward or downward patterns in historical data. It examines data points over consecutive time intervals to identify consistent linear tendencies compared to short-term variations. Using statistical techniques, Linear Trend Analysis offers an interface to detect and comprehend continuous trends in datasets. Designed for data scientists, operational leaders, or sales executives, trend analysis lets you gauge market trends, adjust approaches, and set long-term objectives with a strong data foundation. 

Rethinking productivity for good


Integrate live data insights directly into presentation slides 

Streamline data insights and reporting with the MicroStrategy PowerPoint Add-In. Rather than spin up multiple reports or presentations, create one version and with one click refresh as needed—monthly, quarterly, or on-demand. Users can directly integrate live data into PowerPoint slides, see updates in real time, and share the slides to let others refresh the data, all while maintaining accuracy for all global users. Import a single visualization or a group of visualizations into a PPT design. Even better, you can combine components from multiple dashboards into a single presentation.

Want to explore all of the new features?

See the entire list of incredible features that we’ve released for the AI/BI platform in this update.

Auto Answers

Use the AI chatbot to answer questions about dashboards or underlying datasets. Carefully designed with advanced prompts.

Auto Dashboard

Partner up with the AI chatbot to build your dashboard. Pick a dataset, start a chat, and watch it come to life.

Auto SQL

Leverage advanced AI algorithms to convert plain language into SQL statements. Create tables or join tables.

Time Series Forecasting

Estimate future trends based on past data patterns with AI. Forecasting is helpful for strategic planning.

Key Driver Analysis

Identify key factors behind performance metrics. Determine pivotal changes that might impact business outcomes.

Time Series Linear Trends

Identify upward or downward patterns in historical data. This is useful for pinpointing emerging trends.

PowerPoint Add-In

Integrate live data into PowerPoint slides with real-time updates. Import single visualizations or combine components.

Content Discovery

Elevate Library adoption with existing folder structures and frequently used objects. Add options users already know.

List View

List View offers a more scalable and efficient browsing method for our Library users. Includes configurable columns.

Dashboard Level PDF Export 

Preconfigure PDF settings at the dashboard level to perfect display and maintain unified PDF appearances.

Copy Formatting Options 

Quickly apply the design from an existing visualization to new ones, ensuring consistent grids, panels, and more.

Advanced Thresholds 

Flexible threshold formatting is now available for the Multi-Metric and Comparison KPI visualizations.

App White-Labeling

Personalize the UX with the ability to configure both the app's color theme and its icon. Apply custom branding with no code.

Granular Controls for Apps

Gain enhanced customization with precise control over specific features, such as share or download options.

License Management

Upgrade to Workstation to register, activate or deactivate license keys, audit license usage, and view license history.

Create and Edit Events

Create and edit events directly. All events can be edited, updated, and assigned from one centralized tool.

Change Object Ownership 

Search and select ownership objects on a user profile and easily change it to a new owner. Or add new permissions.

Support for Partition Mappings

Significantly enhance query performance by breaking datasets into more manageable partitions. Available in Workstation.

External Tables as Source for Security Filters

Get database-based row-level security for Hyper cards and Cubes in OEM applications. For Live and In-Memory.

High-Scale Bursting in Distribution Services

Streamline delivery with parallel segmented execution, enabling swift dispatch of thousands of subscriptions at all times.

Cube Cache Compression in Cluster  

Trim cloud storage expenses by optimizing the storage usage, achieving up to 70% reduction in cube disk size.

Seamless OIDC Single Sign-On for 

Seamlessly authenticate once in MicroStrategy, and that same identity is utilized to run queries against Databricks.

Enable Infrastructure Monitoring for MCE on Azure Environments  

Customers can monitor CPU and RAM at the server instance level, tracking utilization rates for infrastructure deployments.

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