Embedded Analytics

Infuse AI-powered analytics into any software, app, or portal

The one platform that can do it all


For ISVs

  • Create new analytics solutions
  • Improve product differentiation
  • Focus on your core competencies
  • Reduce development time

For Enterprises

  • Offer data analytics as a service to partners​
  • Monetize data assets to new customers​
  • Optimize internal productivity and workflow​
  • Democratize analytics across the company​

Exceptional experiences with unparalleled performance

Driving analytics innovation for small ventures or global giants

Take complete control

Transform your apps quickly and deliver a personalized analytics experience with unmatched performance for each user.

  • Advanced visuals, branding colors, and open APIs for unlimited customization
  • Multi-tenancy and tailored data experiences with object-based semantic graph
  • Self-service for analytics creation, exploration, and user interactivity

Build with total flexibility

Leverage your existing tech stack and connect to any data source to quickly build, manage, and deploy your application on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Unlimited use cases with no-code or full customization options
  • Microservices architecture for seamless deployment, change management, and scaling
  • Integration with your tech stack, DevOps process, and CI/CD pipelines

Deliver robust security

Deliver security at scale with governance layers at every stage of development and deployment, with a robust security posture trusted by the worlds’ largest organizations.

  • Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) integration
  • Role-based security filters to control access and protect data integrity
  • Robust security protocols that are FedRAMP certified

The #1 top embedded analytics solution. For all customers.

From single visualizations. To full analytics applications.

“We've seen so many tools on the market where using their platform can be inconvenient and tedious, leading users to stop utilizing the solution altogether. The accessibility and foolproof design of MicroStrategy has greatly improved the user experience and increased the adoption of our solution."
Guruminder Singh
Product Line Director, Data and Analytics

Discover the power of embedded analytics

Revolutionize daily operations for end users

Powerful Semantic Graph

Deliver secure multi-tenancy and self-service with the most powerful semantic layer.

DevOps Automation

Support every element of your DevOps process with an extensive library of CI/CD modules. Automate anything you need.

Open Cloud Architecture

Connect to any data. Deploy anywhere. No trade-offs. Never get locked in.

Unmatched Performance

Deliver enhanced speed with direct query optimization, in-memory capabilities, and push-down data blending.

AI-Powered Insights

Stay competitive with augmented analytics, guided ML workflows, and AI integration.

Telemetry & Usage Monitoring

Measure app adoption with a 360-management-view and real-time insights on usage patterns, error rates, and more.

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SDK Playground

The one-stop shop for developers to build impactful, interactive analytics experiences that integrate seamlessly with websites and applications.

REST API Playground

See live demos of our REST API, API specifications, and code examples. You can also play with it without writing a single line of code.

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