Embedded Analytics

Build actionable embedded analytics into your application with MicroStrategy’s cloud-native, multi-tenant-ready platform. Go beyond data visualization and reporting to deliver Intelligence Everywhere. 

Seamlessly Integrate Actionable Analytics

Enhance your UX with impactful visualizations, predictive insights, and bi-directional parent application workflows.

Customize Experiences for Every User

Make multi-tenancy a breeze with out-of-the-box, no-code automation that gives every user their own look and feel of the product. 

Deliver Instant Insights With Zero Clicks

Make your products and workflows hyperintelligent with only a few lines of code—and zero front-end changes.

Why do product leaders and developers choose MicroStrategy?

Open Cloud-Native Architecture 

Built on containers and microservices for maximum agility and performance, MicroStrategy’s unique cloud-native platform architecture lets you choose where your analytics is hosted without any trade-offs or sacrifices.  We embrace multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployment strategies and let you connect to data anywhere and everywhere, with more than 200 out-of-the-box gateways to market-leading data sources and applications.

Platform Security & Accessibility 

MicroStrategy integrates directly with numerous Enterprise Security Protocols, performs regular pen tests for every supported version of our platform, and provides for row- and column-level data security. Governance and security controls are structured around the ISO 27002 framework, NIST SP 800-53 requirements, and a host of public and private-sector management systems and protocols.

Automated Upgrades & Regression Testing  

Save thousands of man-hours by deploying automated testing tools to validate whole sets of reports and visualizations to uncover inconsistencies or errors, before they impact your users. Tie automated content promotion between your development, test, and production environments to successful regression test results.  

DevOps Automation 

MicroStrategy’s extensive library of CI/CD modules allows you to automate connection to DevOps process by triggering MicroStrategy automation from your own tools.  Increase velocity and reliability by automating tenant onboarding, provisioning, and access control. 

One Platform, Unlimited Use Cases

Deliver all your analytics experiences on top of a single, secure layer of trusted metadata. Interactive dashboards, natural language discovery, machine learning predictive analytics, pixel-perfect reports, self-service authoring, geospatial analysis, data subscriptions and alerts, interactive mobile applications, streaming analytics, or white-labeled custom APIs; all you need is MicroStrategy.

Object Reusability & Data Governance 

Lower your cost of administration and development with the industry’s most flexible semantic graph.  Robust object hierarchies in the metadata allow core attributes like security and privacy rules to be defined centrally and inherited across multiple tenants, while user experience factors are abstracted and tailored for specific accounts and logins.

Platform Monitoring & User Telemetry 

Get a 360-view of your analytics integration and access real-time insights on usage patterns, resource availability, performance, execution times, and error rates.  Connect your own monitoring tools to user telemetry from MicroStrategy using our REST API layer. 

Performance, Agility, & Scale

MicroStrategy combines the power of automated direct query optimization with a robust in-memory capability to deliver high performance across a wide variety of user cases.  The platform automatically generates and optimizes single- and multi-pass queries that blend data from multiple sources when needed, taking advantage of hundreds of fine-tune settings to get the most out of market-leading on-prem and cloud-based sources.

Featured Customer: NICE CXOne

NICE, the world leader in cloud-based CX solutions, partnered with MicroStrategy to enrich their CXOne solution with sophisticated data and analytics visualizations at scale, to further their mission helping 25,000+ organizations in 150+ countries deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

The MicroStrategy Embedded Community: 

Collaborate lab-to-lab with MicroStrategy Developers

MicroStrategy is trusted to power the analytics layer of thousands of software applications, because we understand the value of partnership in innovation. We understand the special requirements of software companies making complex buy-vs-build decisions, which is why we offer special advisory services led by technical experts to help you:  

  • Evaluate architecture options 
  • Automate analytics into existing DevOps workflows 
  • Assess change management strategy
  • Maximize end user adoption
  • Monitor and fine-tune performance 

You can participate in early-adopter programs, collaborate on joint-development projects, and meet other MicroStrategy partners.  We look forward to working with you.

MicroStrategy’s Embedded SDK Playground is the one-stop shop for developers to build impactful, interactive analytics experiences that integrate seamlessly with websites and applications.

Just use the intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces to define the perfect user experience, test it out in real time, and then let the platform automatically generate the code for you. You’ll turn your application into platform for Intelligence Everywhere in no time.

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