Published: June 25, 2020  •  400 Views

Explore Our World-Class Learning Path for MicroStrategy Services Architects

Interested in becoming a certified MicroStrategy Services Architect, but unsure how to get started? 

In this video, Education Developer Tiffany Gonzalez walks through how our detailed learning path empowers developers and general architects to apply advanced customization and embedding skills using the MicroStrategy SDK toolkit. Students will learn how to enhance the applications and end-user experiences delivered using the MicroStrategy Intelligence Platform.

Tiffany covers how this curriculum teaches the essential skills needed to effectively deploy and embed sophisticated analytics applications for web and mobile with open, enterprise-grade standards. She also covers the advanced customization and embedding skills for MicroStrategy SDK and provides helpful tips about how to prepare for achieving your Services Architect certification.



[0:18] Introduction to the MicroStrategy Services Architect Role
[1:03] How the Services Architect Learning Path Supplements the Developer Curriculum
[1:53] Overview of the MicroStrategy Services Architect Learning Path
[2:31] Customizing How You Consume Data through Mobile Apps
[3:48] Certifying as a MicroStrategy Services Architect


Pass holders can explore the Services Architect learning path in the MicroStrategy Education Learning Center.

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