Published: June 22, 2020  •  903 Views

Learning Path for MicroStrategy Mobile Architects

Join Education Developer Tiffany Gonzalez to learn how the Mobile Architect learning path empowers your organization’s developers and application architects to build and manage enterprise-grade mobile apps using your MicroStrategy Intelligence Platform—using MicroStrategy Mobile, MicroStrategy Library Mobile, HyperIntelligence for Mobile, and more. 

Tiffany describes the essential skills you’ll gain for managing the entire lifecycle for your mobile apps spanning UI/UX mapping and design, planning and development, document linking to create custom end-to-end mobile apps, and publishing, monitoring, and updating solutions. She also shares helpful tips about how to prepare for achieving your Mobile Architect certification.

This video explains also advanced concepts covered for Mobile Architects, including how to:

  • Establish database write-back using transaction services to further complement your business workflows
  • Use monitoring and optimization techniques to provide best-in-class mobile experiences to your users both online and offline
  • Apply proven strategies for using mobile device management platforms to publish and maintain the mobile apps you deploy to your enterprise


[0:20] Introduction to the MicroStrategy Mobile Architect Role
[1:50] Overview of the Mobile Architect Learning Path
[2:38] Certifying as a MicroStrategy Mobile Architect
[3:16] Foundation for the Mobile Architect Curriculum
[4:03] Learn to Build and Manage the Full Lifecycle for Your Mobile Apps


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