Published: May 21, 2020  •  5735 Views

Explore Our World-Class Learning Path for MicroStrategy Database Architects

Interested in becoming a certified MicroStrategy Database Architect, but unsure how to get started?
In this video, Education Developer Reza Ghandchi walks through how our detailed learning path empowers developers and general architects to effectively model, manage, secure, and maintain one of the most valuable assets belonging to your organization—your data.
Reza describes the essential skills you’ll gain for architecting and managing the entire lifecycle for your enterprise data model and shares helpful tips about how to prepare for achieving your Database Architect certification. This video explains how our curriculum spans key topics including translating business requirements into technical definitions of your data structures, establishing connections to and integrating data from a variety of sources, using the MicroStrategy data engine and platform-generated SQL to optimize your data processing, administering and governing your enterprise data model, and more.

Other topics taught through this learning path include how to:

  • Manage and leverage popular big data technologies
  • Administer and manage database connections with noSQL sources
  • Implement analytics solutions that provide real-time data processing capabilities


[0:23] Introduction to the MicroStrategy Database Architect Role
[0:59] Overview of the Database Architect Learning Path
[2:52] Certifying as a MicroStrategy Database Architect
[3:33] How You’ll Learn to Build Enterprise Data Pipelines from a Variety of Sources


Pass holders can explore the Database Architect learning path in the MicroStrategy Education Learning Center.

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