Published: July 31, 2020  •  2000 Views

Explore Our World-Class Learning Path for Data Scientists

Interested in becoming a certified MicroStrategy Data Scientist, but unsure how to get started? 

In this video, Senior Education Developer Emily Farr walks through how our detailed learning path empowers Data Scientists and Analysts and shares helpful tips about how to prepare for achieving your Data Scientist certification. Learn how to apply data science principles, tools, and techniques to enhance the insights derived from your data using the MicroStrategy Intelligence Platform.

Emily describes the theoretical and practical training available in this learning path that spans the following:

  • Data science visualization
  • Bi-directional integration with your preferred tools of choice
  • Coding basics with common programming languages
  • Tactics for improving your data using code or with native code-free capabilities available in your platform



[0:23] Introduction to the MicroStrategy Data Scientist Role
[1:12] Overview of the Data Science Learning Path 
[1:31] Data Science Concepts Covered in Intro Course
[2:53] Courses Offering Theoretical and Practical Skills for Data Mining and Advanced Analytics 
[4:28] Certifying as a MicroStrategy Data Scientist


Pass holders can explore the Data Scientist learning path in the MicroStrategy Education Learning Center.

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