2021.110 Visualizations: Foundations and Best Practices eLearning

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Education Passes: Architect Pass

Learn to effectively use visualizations to obtain quick insights from your data. Understand different visualization types and their use cases. Learn optimization techniques to guide analysis. Create and format visualizations in a dossier, an interactive business dashboard, in MicroStrategy Web. Arrange a dossier page for efficient analysis. Products covered: MicroStrategy Web Skills you gain - Understanding when to use various visualization types based on your analysis goals - Improving visualizations with design elements - Creating and formatting visualizations in MicroStrategy Web - Effectively displaying visualizations together on a dossier page Topics - Creating appealing data displays - Optimizing visualizations to guide analysis - Maximizing business analysis with dossiers - Interacting with data and formatting visualizations - Optimizing the analytical experience with dossier page design at a later point.

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