2021.012 Analyst (ANL) 2021 Re-Certification Exam

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Education Passes: Architect Pass, Analyst Pass

When you’re ready to take your certification, click Enroll to get started. A new screen opens, follow the instructions to acknowledge you are ready to begin the certification. Once you click Enroll, you have 24 hours to start your environment. Your environment will run for 4 hours, once started. After acknowledging you are ready to start the certification, you are redirected to the on-demand app. After completing the steps in the app, within 10 to 15 minutes, you will receive an email with the on-demand certification guidelines. Please allow an additional hour for time to orient yourself to the certification, review the project PDF, and for the console to create your environment. After completing the certification project, exit the environment; there are no further actions are required. You will receive an email with your results within 2 weeks. Please be advised that there is a 30-day lockout period for this on-demand certification. If you fail the exam and attempt to enroll again before that period is over, you will not be able to launch the certification enrollment steps. If you encountered any technical issues, reach out to education@microstrategy.com. Revalidate your ANL certification and upgrade to 2021. This certification focuses on new capabilities for the analyst role in the latest MicroStrategy release. Demonstrate mastery of 2021 authoring and collaboration capabilities.

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