Advanced Project Architecting

  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Education Passes: Architect Pass

Learn about advanced issues in data warehousing design and how to work with these complexities when implementing a MicroStrategy project. Understand how to model complex hierarchies and attribute relationships, implement role attributes and slowly changing dimensions, design the schema for optimal performance, use logical views to solve data modeling and schema design issues, and optimize query performance using both the database and MicroStrategy functionality.

Products Covered

  • MicroStrategy Developer
  • MicroStrategy Architect

Skills Gained

  • Creating data models
  • Modeling complex hierarchies
  • Implementing role attributes and slow-changing dimensions
  • Designing schemas for optimal performance
  • Creating logical views
  • Optimizing query performance using database and application functionality

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Advanced Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Schema Design
  • Logical views
  • Many-to-Many relationships
  • Attribute roles
  • Hierarchies
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs)

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