Advanced Mobile Applications

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Education Passes: Architect Pass

In hands-on exercises, create two interactive documents and a dossier, and link them together to create a mobile app. Use a variety of Mobile widgets and interactive document components. Learn about advanced mobile application features such as docked panel selectors, navigation templates, and cutting-edge Mobile widgets. Create custom, code-free home pages. Learn applicable tasks for Mobile administrators to help you design a powerful and effective mobile app.

Products Covered

  • MicroStrategy Web
  • MicroStrategy Mobile
  • MicroStrategy Report Services

Skills Gained

  • Configure a Mobile app with code-free customizations
  • Add complex interactive analysis to an app
  • Deploy robust app navigation functionality
  • Make personal design decisions for app creation
  • Apply design principles for a polished app
  • Review app performance analysis tools

Topics Covered

  • Create a robust app
  • Enhance your app with Mobile Widgets
  • Enhance user experience with a dossier, Survey-based Transactions, and Library
  • Code-free customizations
  • Understand the impact of Mobile administration

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