Analytics for the Classroom

Universities and schools can now enrich business intelligence course offerings with the industry’s leading analytics software. Business Intelligence can benefit any class that requires core skills in data analysis and visual data discovery.

For Students

Students get FREE access to MicroStrategy’s Architect Pass. With the Architect Pass, you can:

  • Develop core skills in data analytics and visualization
  • Add value to your resume with a new practical skill set that is applicable to any job
  • Enhance research papers and presentations with data driven stories


For Instructors

Instructors get FREE access to a MicroStrategy cloud option designed for the classroom that offers MicroStrategy’s full enterprise suite of functionalities and access to our Analyst Pass. You can:

  • Use MicroStrategy to teach business intelligence and data analytics
  • Conduct hands-on exercises in class
  • Instill and help build core practical work-place skillset
  • Sign up for an Analyst Pass and email us for more information 



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