Build an Intelligent Enterprise to Empower Every Colleague

Learn how leading UK retailer Sainsbury’s democratized its data to empower every colleague from the store floor to the C-suite, powered by MicroStrategy.

Adopting a bold strategy helped Sainsbury’s transform insights into a competitive edge: understanding its customers’ needs better than anyone else through the lens of data.

Sainsbury’s successfully implemented an enterprise data and analytics strategy to establish a trusted data fabric at the heart of its business—powered solely by Snowflake, AWS, and the MicroStrategy Cloud.

Turning to MicroStrategy to empower every colleague with trusted data, Sainsbury’s built and deployed a comprehensive suite of 30+ intelligence applications that deliver best-in-class analytics experiences to 12,000+ colleagues across all aspects of its business.

Today, Sainsbury’s colleagues leverage these apps to drive everyday decision-making on the store floor, across corporate functions, in the C-suite, and beyond.

Data and analytics in action

Explore how data and analytics leaders at Sainsbury’s established a trusted data fabric fit to serve its entire organization—earning their team our Intelligent Enterprise Award for 2022.

Improve Customer Experience through the Lens of Data to Achieve Remarkable Results 

Discover how Sainsbury’s reimagined its business model, democratized its data, and operationalized analytics to empower its colleagues to work smarter each day. Learn how Sainsbury’s partnered with MicroStrategy to deliver trusted data analytics to decision-makers up and down its organization—giving them the insights they need to take the right actions to best serve the needs of customers and colleagues every day. 

Adopt a Streamlined Ecosystem to Achieve Your Enterprise Data and Analytics Vision

Explore what it took to architect a scalable yet simplified enterprise ecosystem for data and analytics at Sainsbury’s. Underpinned by the trusted semantic layer offered by MicroStrategy, Sainsbury’s adopted just 3 cloud-powered technologies to inject data-driven insights into the heart of its business—and serve the needs of 12,000+ colleagues across its organization.

Sainsbury’s: Where a Bold Vision and a Brilliant Team Drives Amazing Impact with Data  

Hear from key members of the Sainsbury’s team about what it’s like to drive remarkable results for their customers, colleagues, business, and shareholders with data and analytics. Their dream team shares how Sainsbury’s bold vision and the team’s collective passion for creating business value helped establish a data-driven culture at the heart of its business—and why they’re so proud to be a part of it. 

World 2022 Keynote: What it Takes to Become an Award-Winning Intelligent Enterprise

Learn how Sainsbury’s mastered its 3-year journey to transform its business with data and analytics by adopting a select few best-in-class technologies like the MicroStrategy Cloud. Sainsbury’s CTO Helen Hunter discusses this modernization journey with MicroStrategy President & CFO Phong Le—and shares key insights to help other organizations embark on their own journey to become a truly Intelligent Enterprise. 

Unleash the Full Value of Data Where It Matters Most – on the Store Floor

Discover how Sainsbury’s democratized store data to put actionable information into the hands of 12,000+ colleagues on the shop floor. From improving customer experience to better understanding store performance trends, Sainsbury’s colleagues access a range of critical metrics and drill into the details directly on their mobile devices to make the right operational decisions where it matters most.

Leverage Data Analytics to Place Customers at the Heart of Your Decisions

Explore how Sainsbury’s puts customer happiness at the heart of its decision-making process across all levels of its business. In pursuit of achieving high satisfaction marks, one of Sainsbury’s 8 corporate metrics, it integrated customer satisfaction and experience data across all brands to paint a clear picture about each customers’ end-to-end journey—and drive organizational actions that yield results. 

How to Use Data to Drive Changes and Best Serve Customers During Uncertain Times

Hear how Sainsbury’s evolved their fundamental operating model overnight to quickly react to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Galvanized by the necessity of feeding the nation, Sainsbury’s quickly incorporated new data into MicroStrategy Dossiers to enable rapid innovation and help its business take actions that best served its colleagues and customers during uncertain times. 

Gain a Competitive Edge Through Value Indexing to Ensure Your Price is Right

Learn how Sainsbury’s instituted a centralized value indexing strategy based on its single version of the truth. Leveraging MicroStrategy to automate price benchmarking and implement algorithmic decisioning helped Sainsbury’s better understand their competitive market position across broader range of retailers, easily share those insights with its community of stakeholders, and achieve stellar feedback scores. 

Retailers worldwide run smarter businesses with enterprise analytics.

Explore how MicroStrategy empowers leading retail brands spanning apparel, grocery, food and beverage, CPG, and eCommerce with the data they need and the solutions they rely on. 

Learn more about Sainsbury's journey to become a truly Intelligent Enterprise.

Where Data and Curiosity Meet Big Business

Learn how Sainsbury’s, the leading retailer in the United Kingdom led a multi-year digital transformation and established a result-driven enterprise analytics strategy. Hear from Helen Hunter, Chief Technology Officer at Sainsbury’s on how they've been “stitching together a patchwork quilt of legacy data solutions” to transform its analytics into a competitive advantage.

How Many BI Platforms Does Sainsbury’s Really Need?

Hear from Steven Henson-Tyers, who manages Sainsbury’s extensive Data Visualisation & Automation team within the Applied Data & Analytics organization, to learn how they’ve driven clear results with a successful analytics strategy. Plus, learn why Sainsbury's centralized all analytics delivery across their enterprise on the MicroStrategy Cloud—leveraging just one BI platform to keep thousands of colleagues across its business connected and informed.

How Sainsbury’s Empowers Thousands with Enterprise Intelligence in the Cloud

Discover how Sainsbury’s ambitious goal to empower every colleague with the trusted data, delivered at the right time, with the right frequency, becomes reality. Hear how they embarked on a 3-year transformational journey that included deploying compelling new projects across the business. Today, these reports deliver vital information to 12,000+ store-based managers—and save over 10,000 man-hours per year by automating previously manual reports.

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