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As a leader in Embedded Analytics, we always strive to provide seamless integration with our customers' portals. Our Embedding SDK provides full interactivity between the MicroStrategy content and the Embedding Portal:

  • New in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 4, and as part of our Dossier authoring experience through library, we added the flexibility to control this experience through our Embedding SDK. Customers are able to control which mode the Dossier renders in, either consumption or authoring mode, switch between modes programmatically, as well as controlling which buttons, toolbars, and panel are available to the users in authoring mode.
  • Earlier this year, we added several features, including the ability to control attribute and metric selectors, in-canvas filter selectors as well as filter panel values from the embedding portal. With the introduction of panel stacks in Dossiers, we provided the capability to control panels and panel selectors through the embedding SDK. We also provided a way to embed specific visualizations in a maximized mode to highlight specific information to their users.
  • Speaking of Embedded Analytics, I am also pleased to announce that this December, we are releasing a preview of our newly revamped MicroStrategy Embedding SDK Playground to our developer community, making it easier than ever to embed MicroStrategy content into your custom applications and websites. The playground includes a whole host of examples for different workflows, and it will also allow you to directly manipulate your own Dossiers as well as generate the code needed for embedding. Check it out here, and let us know what you think!

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