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Overview of the MicroStrategy Platform

The best organizations are data driven. But how can you protect your data from being siloed or becoming unreliable? And how can you deliver trusted insights to the right person, in the right place, at the right time?  

Discover MicroStrategy – the modern, open, enterprise platform that connects every user and every application to all your data.  

It all starts with the Enterprise Semantic Graph – the building blocks of your business that can be quickly created, and easily re-used, accelerating collaboration and development of your suite of BI applications.

Connect your teams to any data source—in a single click. Create pixel-perfect visualizations, with a drag-and-drop canvas that renders beautifully, on any device. So you can run your business, with Dossiers, organized into pages and chapters, and consolidated in your personalized Library, uniquely engineered, to extend the reach of enterprise data.

MicroStrategy goes even further. Empowering data scientists to build, train, and deploy AI across the enterprise. And delivering answers and insights to everyone with HyperIntelligence where answers find you. Deploy on-premise, or in the Cloud. And discover how Intelligence Everywhere can transform your organization.

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Overview of the MicroStrategy Platform

52772 views  | April 01, 2021


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