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Overview of the MicroStrategy Cloud Environment (MCE)

Senior Product Manager Andrew Mears explains how your organization can become faster and more secure (with fewer costs) when you adopt our fully hosted and managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution: the MicroStrategy Cloud Environment (MCE).
Spend more time building solutions and significantly less on administration and maintenance when you adopt an MCE deployment strategy. MCE offers a fast, secure, and economical cloud solution that's fully hosted and managed by MicroStrategy. With MCE, we take setup and management of your infrastructure, architecture, software, security, compliance, upgrades, updates, patching, and performance optimization off of your hands to help save your organization time and money.
With economies of scale that allow you to take advantage of our continuously optimized and certified security compliance with a variety of industry-recognized standards, and dynamic vendor-agnostic portability of your environments, it's easier and more affordable than ever to safeguard your data while you deliver enterprise-grade intelligence solutions in the cloud.

[00:13] Intro to the MicroStrategy Cloud Environment (MCE)
[01:11] Rapid, Automated Deployment
[01:53] Streamlined, Automated Upgrades and Updates
[02:30] Comprehensive, Built-In Security and Compliance
[03:25] Reduced Costs via MCE's Elastic Infrastructure and Deployment Portability

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