Published: September 22, 2020  •  4469 Views

Overview of MicroStrategy Mobile

Chief Product Officer Saurabh Abhyankar walks through the MicroStrategy Mobile platform, highlighting how this solution integrates analytics, transactions, and operational workflows into a single app—deploying insight and action to everyone, everywhere. Join him as he discusses the value of mobile analytics, custom apps, and enterprise-grade capabilities through a series of product demos.

[0:13] Our Vision for Mobile Intelligence
[1:29] Mobile Analytics
[2:06] Responsive Design
[2:50] Collaboration
[3:24] Real-time GPS Integration
[3:54] HyperIntelligence for Mobile
[4:48] Custom Apps
[5:15] Embedded Multimedia
[5:22] Workflows and Write-back Capabilities
[6:06] SDK Integration with EMM Vendors
[6:40] Device-level Caching
[7:27] Offline Support

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Mobile Intelligence

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