Published: May 01, 2020  •  1414 Views

Evaluating Deployment Strategies for Your MicroStrategy Ecosystem

Senior Product Manager Andrew Mears discusses the pros and cons of the four enterprise deployment strategies available for deploying, operating, and maintaining enterprise-grade intelligence applications and solutions with MicroStrategy—both on-premises and in the cloud.
Andrew details the operating model for the two deployment strategies that leverage the enterprise version of the MicroStrategy Intelligence Platform deployed either in an internal data center or public cloud environment managed by the customer. He also discusses the merits of the two deployment models that leverage our cloud platform: the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform (MCP) and MicroStrategy Cloud Environment (MCE).
Using MCP, your organization can deploy MicroStrategy on a public cloud while taking advantage of the architecture optimizations we've made for the cloud. Your IT team retains control of system security, monitoring, and performance using available tooling and automation.
With MCE, your organization gets the optimizations, tools, and automation available with an MCP deployment in a hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution managed by MicroStrategy. Our team takes system administration, management, security, optimization, and upgrades off of your hands while allowing you the flexibility to seamlessly deploy, develop, and scale in the public cloud in one holistic, fully managed solution.

[00:13] Intro to Enterprise Deployment Strategies for MicroStrategy
[00:24] The Enterprise Data Center Deployment Model
[02:23] The Public Cloud Deployment Model
[04:00] The MCP Model
[06:17] The MCE Model
[07:58] Conclusion

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