Published: May 28, 2020  •  2235 Views

Modernizing Your BI and Analytics Platform

Join industry veterans Rob Davis and Bill Van Zandt—MicroStrategists who have also worked at SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, and Tableau—for an insider's perspective on the ""acquisition wars"" of the 2000's and the technology integration challenges facing acquired companies. The conversation explores how MicroStrategy, being an independent company, has resulted in the development of more innovative products—and how the company's commitment to its modern, open, enterprise platform has set it apart from the competition. 

Rob Davis
VP Solution Management, MicroStrategy - U.K. and EMEA

Bill Van Zandt
VP Solution Management - Eastern U.S.

Future episodes will feature information on the self-service competitive landscape, specific product capability comparisons, product demonstrations, customer interviews, and more.

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