Published: April 12, 2022  •  289 Views

MicroStrategy Connect: Live with Product Management (March)

The MicroStrategy Connect series allows you to connect with teams across MicroStrategy in real time. Watch this live session with the Product Management team on What's New.

This MicroStrategy Connect focused on new features from the 11.3.5 release (March 2022). We covered new dossier visualizations, custom applications, and new functionality for MicroStrategy Workstation, including the creation of Intelligent Cubes. 

The team answered incoming questions and even told us a little about what to expect from the Technology team next. 


Featured Speakers:

  • Holly Stevens, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategy
  • Jose Nocedal, Senior Vice President, Product Management
  • Erika Moreno, Senior Director, Product Management
  • Amy Laresch, Product Manager, Dossier Authoring & Library


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