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Get Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance with MCE

Learn how MicroStrategy makes it easy to deliver and safeguard your data in the cloud. Senior Product Manager Andrew Mears details the enterprise-grade security features, industry-recognized compliance certifications, and managed services and support offered by our fully hosted MicroStrategy Cloud Environment (MCE).

MCE includes sophisticated security monitoring and management capabilities built directly into your environment. Beyond robust application security and data governance offered MicroStrategy, our built-in MCE security is certified for a variety of compliance standards, including AIPCA SOC and SOC 2 Type 2, EU/US Privacy Shield, EU GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001-2, and HIPAA.

MCE offers high performance and availability through 24x7x365 environment monitoring by an emergency response team, easy access to experts from AWS or Azure support 24x7x365, proactive alerting spanning everything from system capacity to security, secure access to 200+ data sources both on-premises or in the cloud, and much more.

[00:19] Intro to the MicroStrategy Cloud Environment (MCE)
[01:43] Overview of MCE Security and Built-In Compliance
[07:14] MCE Authentication, Firewalls, and Encryption
[11:37] Secure MCE Connectivity with Cloud and On-Premises Data Sources
[15:18] High MCE Performance and Availability with Real-Time Monitoring
[16:05] The Three-Dimensional Security Model for MicroStrategy Applications
[17:43] Conclusion and CTA

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