Published: April 21, 2022  •  52 Views

Manage Subscriptions in Library Mobile

MicroStrategy Library has changed the way that end users can view data. Users can now subscribe to dossier content and schedule automatic deliveries—all from a mobile device.

MicroStrategy Library is the modern viewing tool. From Library, users can subscribe to dossier content, delivering the latest insights directly to their inbox:

  • Use the Sidebar menu to navigate and manage all existing subscriptions—users can even unsubscribe to subscriptions that are no longer relevant.
  • Create new email subscriptions from the Share menu. Subscribe to dossier content in PDF or Excel format, select a schedule, and add emails for content delivery.
  • End users with specific privileges can share subscriptions with other team members.

Experience the platform yourself!

Request a pilot and member of our team will contact you to understand your business needs and demonstrate how MicroStrategy can help.