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MicroStrategy for OEMs

Microstrategy is the best solution for Embedded Analytics. Hundreds of customers embed Microstrategy in their custom applications with many as OEMs that in turn provide Microstrategy to their end customers as part of their own software solution. Microstrategy has a rich set of APIs and SDKs which make it easy to embed or white label analytics to fit seamlessly within other applications. End user's can use the tool of their choice to access trusted and governed data. Whether it's with Microstrategy Dossiers, Excel, Power Bi, Tableau or Qlik and on any rich client or mobile device, users access the same secure information through Microstrategy Federated Analytics and robust Semantic Graph. This video details why Microstrategy is the best fit for Embedded Analytics and maintains the #1 market ranking.


[00:08] #1 Analyst ranking
[00:22] Immersive and intuitive analytics
[00:45] Zero click intelligence - answers that find you (HyperIntelligence)
[01:01] White labeling using the SDK
[01:33] Self-service canvas
[01:47] Federated Analytics for use with PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, and Excel
[02:07] Mobile platform - build once use anywhere
[02:32] Cloud operations
[02:49] Why Microstrategy is a great choice

Embedded Intelligence

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MicroStrategy for OEMs

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