Published: August 10, 2020  •  1508 Views

Geospatial Analytics in Dossier

Empower your analysts to plot non-standard geographic attributes (like department, sales territory, or region) as area maps within a dossier. It's now easier than ever to visualize geospatial information and extend mapping functionality beyond standard geographic attributes such as country, state, and postal code. Watch this video to view demonstrations and understand the benefits of using custom shapes and maps with free-form layout.


[0:26] Plotting Area Maps

[0:46] Custom Shape Use Case and Benefits

[0:58] Custom Map Shapes Demo

[3:37] Benefits of Maps with Free-Form Layout

[4:06] Mapbox with Free-Form Layout Demo

[6:42] Geospatial Resources

[7:24] Monthly DossBoss Data Visualization Challenge

[7:58] Get Started with MicroStrategy

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