Published: March 23, 2022  •  367 Views

Extend the Dossier Canvas and Lock Filters

Watch our Product team review new features for dynamic dossier design, including new vertical scrolling options for the canvas and the ability to lock filter selections in Library.

Experience 4 new dossier design enhancements:

  • Use the new option for vertical scrolling to extend the free-form canvas and add more content below without changing the dimensions of the existing design. This is helpful for any infographic or app-like dossier designs.
  • Add a close button to an information window. This close button feature is especially valuable for full screen information windows, like tutorial splash screens. 
  • Disable end users from interacting with specific filters in the Library filter panel. Think of this feature as a visualization-level filter for the entire chapter.
  • Check out updated settings for the Waterfall chart for simplicity.

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