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Dossier: Build once, deploy on multiple devices

Dossiers automatically resize and look great out of the box on all devices, shapes and sizes. However, there are additional capabilities to further control how the responsive design behaves so you can fine tune the user experience. Understanding the logic behind how the free-form canvas resizes and positions assets will help you understand and design for expected outcomes. Considerations for element grouping, number and text box formatting, building in white space, image fitting, element assembly, shapes, and more... this video walks through many tips and tricks for preparing your assets and creating the best Dossier experience for end-users. Additional best practice documentation and examples are available and referenced with links to other valuable information.



[00:00] - Intro

[01:00] - How the percentage-based free form canvas works

[03:25] - Understanding responsive design

[05:58] - Building a responsive Dossier

[07:30] - Prepare assets in advance

[10:00] - Additional resources - Dossiers and Documents, best practice guides, using maps, tips and tricks, training, example Dossiers

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