Published: March 23, 2022  •  509 Views

Custom Groups, Transformations, and Shortcuts in Workstation

Architects can now do more with MicroStrategy Workstation. Watch this to learn about creating custom groups, time-based transformations, and shortcuts—all in one place.

With this release, we have integrated new capabilities for architects to manage and model their data more effectively, extending what users can do in Workstation:

  • Architects can now create custom groups. Custom groups allow for unique aggregations of data elements and bands to provide a way for business users to analyze data in groups that do not exist in the original data source.
  • Architects can create custom-based transformations to provide details for time periods such as Last Year, Month, Date, and others. Compare measures across time by defining offsets directly all in Workstation.
  • With the new ability to create and edit shortcuts, architects can rearrange objects in a convenient way without creating duplicates.

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