Published: August 10, 2020  •  2737 Views

MicroStrategy 2020: Augmenting Power BI

MicroStrategy is the single version of the truth providing users with a Platform they trust while allowing them to use the tools of their choice - including Power BI. By using our out of the box certified connector, Power BI users can quickly and easily connect to MicroStrategy, preview and extract data, and get started building visualizations in minutes. Scheduled refreshes keep the data current, ensuring up to date analysis in Power BI while respecting security so users only have access to data they are allowed. MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence further augments Power BI adding significant value by providing zero click analytics injecting insight into every decision. Users can link directly to PowerBI dashboards and visualizations with a simple click on a Hyper Card.

[00:00] Connecting Power BI to MicroStrategy
[00:36] Preview and Extract the Data
[01:15] Building Visualizations in Power BI using the data from MicroStrategy
[01:53] Keeping the data current using scheduled refreshes
[03:40] HyperIntelligence with Power BI

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