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Administrators and Architects Workflows in Workstation

With the latest release of Workstation, we have added more capabilities for the architects to allow them to take advantage of the schema layer and reusability between objects to enable them to implement their analytics solutions efficiently. We also added more features for the administrators, so they are on top of everything that happens in their environment and act on it.

  • Architects can model their schema from the same interface. They can import the tables or define the query to pull the data into the schema, define the attributes and facts that will be the basis for other objects, and establish relationships and cardinality between attributes by creating hierarchies.
  • Architects can also create multiple objects to tailor the content for the end-users. They can generate filtering criteria using filters and prompts that will be reusable across the platform. They can also create new objects using the existing attributes based on derived elements or consolidations.
  • Administrators can monitor their environments and compare settings or use the monitors to ensure that everything is working as expected. With the new job monitor, administrators will understand the running jobs and identify the long-running or troubleshoot failed jobs.
  • To distribute content, administrators can rely on subscriptions. They can trigger a schedule-based or an event-based subscription and decide what content and format will be attached to the email. If the content is meant to be consumed in Library, they can schedule the execution beforehand, so the end-user does not have to wait for it to execute.
  • Security is a massive part of administrative tasks. An administrator can configure enterprise security in Workstation by configuring the LDAP directory services, OIDC, or SAML. They can also manage the users and define their roles, row-level security by using security filters, defining user groups to inherit privileges, and more.
  • Finally, we have integrated a Python Script Editor in Workstation to empower administrators to leverage our mstrio packages and sample outlines that will ensure they can automate their administrative tasks.

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