Drive More Value with the MicroStrategy Cloud

Leading companies worldwide are adopting cloud-first strategies to accelerate their digital transformation. Migrate your analytics applications to the cloud now to spend more time on what matters—delivering intelligence to your business.

Discover How You’ll Benefit on the MicroStrategy Cloud

Rapidly deploy intelligence solutions securely, and cost-effectively with our fully managed cloud—and start dedicating more time towards building the analytics solutions that matter to your business. The MicroStrategy Cloud Service packages our market-leading analytics platform with:
Optimized Platform Architecture
  • An optimized, enterprise-grade reference architecture
  • An efficient, high-performance cloud infrastructure
  • Best-in-class security compliance and certification
Fully Managed Infrastructure
  • Expert administration including daily backups for streamlined disaster recovery
  • Availability of 2 environments with additional nodes available upon request
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring, alerting, and support
Future-Ready Deployment
  • Applied annual upgrades and quarterly software updates
  • Accelerated ability to develop and deploy modern BI solutions 
  • Bundled access to education subscriptions and more software

Explore the Benefits of the MicroStrategy Cloud

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Success in the Cloud

Learn how our customers deliver enterprise intelligence with the MicroStrategy Cloud.

Free up your team to focus on your business—while lowering your TCO.

Adopt our fully managed cloud to start getting more out of MicroStrategy. With the cloud service, our experts will manage your environment, deliver seamless upgrades, ensure best-in-class security, and much more—and, to get you started, we’ll build and migrate you over to your new cloud environment in a matter of weeks. 

Wonder how you’ll drive more business value on the cloud? Ask our experts to show you with a custom business case that outlines your cost savings, return on investment, and myriad of benefits you’ll receive when you move to the MicroStrategy Cloud—including more time to spend on delivering the analytics solutions that matter to your business.


Explore the MicroStrategy Cloud.
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Maintain Best-in-Class Security with Our Fully Managed Cloud

MicroStrategy maintains the highest security standards from engineering to vulnerability remediation through regular activities conducted within its Security Assurance Program. These activities include:

  • Routine release of software updates
  • Regular incorporation of fixes for identified issues and vulnerabilities
  • Extensive security testing throughout the development cycle
  • Strict controls for the use of third-party components
  • Robust independent penetration testing


Customers that adopt our managed cloud service benefit from additional security measures conducted by our experts on their behalf. Our Cloud team applies regular software updates and conducts baseline data integrity and security testing to ensure that customer environments are running on the most secure version of our software available. They also conduct annual certification and renewal activities to validate compliance with: 

  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • SOC2 Type II Audit
  • PCI DSS Compliant Cloud
  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud (U.S.) 
  • Other industry best practice standards

The links below provide a complete list of security certifications and further information about how this program delivers our best-in-class security posture for all supported versions of MicroStrategy. 

MicroStrategy 2021

MicroStrategy 2020

MicroStrategy 2019