Published: February 04, 2021  •  21441 Views

Bitcoin Corporate Strategy with Michael Saylor

Bitcoin can be integrated into the P&L as well as the balance sheet of corporations.

  • Bitcoin treasury strategy

  • Bitcoin product strategy

  • Bitcoin service strategy

  • Bitcoin for competitive advantage

  • Bitcoin to avoid solvency challenges

  • Examples of corporations successfully integrated Bitcoin

  • Future opportunities & competitive dynamics


Michael J. Saylor
Chairman and CEO, MicroStrategy

Michael Saylor ( is the Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a publicly traded business intelligence firm that he founded in 1989.  He is also the founder of (ALRM), named inventor on 40+ patents, & author of the book “The Mobile Wave”.  He founded & serves as trustee for the Saylor Academy (, a non-profit organization that has provided free education to 800,000+ students. He is an advocate for the Bitcoin Standard (  He has dual degrees from MIT in Aerospace Engineering & History of Science.

Access the Bitcoin Corporate Playbook!

Download this playbook for the key phases and steps MicroStrategy took in its initiative to adopt bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset.

Overview of Bitcoin Corporate Strategy & Operation

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