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Our Product

MicroStrategy ONE

MicroStrategy ONE is our most complete and expansive analytics platform yet. Not only is it fully modern, open, and cloud-powered—it's the single platform for all analytics use cases.

Self-Service. Business Reporting. Advanced Apps. Embedded. Unleash the power of data to create competitive advantage and trust in insights at scale. We're the only platform in the world that can do it all with maximum performance.


Focus on Innovation

MicroStrategy ONE is the platform for all future innovation moving forward. And the global engineering teams are pivoting to what's next.

We're dedicated to the design of cutting-edge features that enhance intelligence and influence through analytics. Go behind the scenes with smart workflows, augmented experiences, and the debut of Generative AI. It's time to go all in.

The ONE platform for the world's largest brands

In Financial Services

Mitigate risk and ensure strict regulatory compliance.

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In Retail

Optimize sales with personalized customer experiences.

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In Healthcare

Deliver better services for providers and patients.

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In Public Sector

Ensure mission readiness and respond to new challenges.

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In Technology

Move faster with powerful, open analytics applications.

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Based On Fact, Not Instinct

We don’t believe in guessing games.

We believe in data that replaces guessing with knowing. We believe in challenging the status quo with data to back it up. We believe in organizations using data to fuel innovation and come up with the next big thing. No noise, no distractions. Focus and make every decision count.

Why choose MicroStrategy?

We have the platform that can do it all. Better than the rest.


Explore an entire product suite designed for simpler, more creative content development. Leverage the free-form Dossier canvas for self-service or the App Design Studio.


Proven performance. At any scale. The ONE platform is for everyone—and every dataset. We don’t believe in limitations. We believe in endless possibilities.


Break down data silos and maintain one source of truth across apps with reusable objects. We're the market's most powerful and trusted platform.

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