Disruptive Analytics

Enterprise. Embedded. Multi-Cloud.
Our Product

The Platform Built for Disruption

Not just a pretty dashboard, an entire data experience. We’re powerful and we look good—no matter if we’re stand alone or embedded. No data silos. No performance limits. Just the truth. No other platform provides the data horsepower to fire up advanced analytics experiences for any organization.

Our Mantra

Based On Fact, Not Instinct

We don’t believe in guessing games. We believe in data that replaces guessing with knowing. We believe in challenging the status quo with data to back it up. We believe in organizations using data to fuel innovation and come up with the next big thing. No noise, no distractions. Focus and make it count.

The trusted platform powering innovation for all

In Financial Services

Mitigate risk and ensure strict regulatory compliance.

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In Retail

Optimize sales with personalized customer experiences.

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In Healthcare

Deliver better services for providers and patients.

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In Public Sector

Ensure mission readiness and respond to new challenges.

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In Technology

Move faster with powerful, open analytics applications.

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Innovation is more than a buzzword to us. It’s in our DNA. We were founded on a spirit of independence—and we think differently. We continue to push the limits of what’s possible to keep your data analytics at the top of its game.

Us versus them

We win every time

Data how you want it

We don’t tie you into a specific stack. It’s all about choice. We deliver the same experience and performance, regardless of where your data or analytics is hosted.

Data you can trust

With our semantic graph, you’ll build and maintain a single version of truth of all your data, ensuring insights are the same for all user across all applications. It's data governance like no one else.

Data insights for all

We were created with performance and scale in mind. We’ve designed products to bring actionable data insights to everyone, everywhere, not just your analysts.

Data security you need

It’s unmatched. We integrate security into every single product feature so you can keep up with the breadth and complexity of the ever-evolving security landscape.

Be bold. Elevate the data experience.