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See how market leaders put MicroStrategy to work.

Powerful analytics for any industry.

Because every company is a data company—no matter which market it competes in.


Optimize sales across channels with personalized customer experiences. Leverage data to assess products, promotions, and performance. Unlock new sources of revenue.


Stay ahead with new products that power seamless, innovative client experiences. Provide actionable insights that mitigate risk and ensure strict regulatory compliance.


Place data at the core of delivering better services for providers, payers, and patients. Reduce wait times. Optimize supply chains. Manage staffing. And improve outcomes.

Public Sector

Improve data accessibility and enhance engagement across internal teams and public-facing applications. Leverage data to ensure mission-readiness and respond to new challenges.

Manage risk. Seize opportunity. 

Empower branch managers and advisors with the tools to power growth.

Exceed expectations and drive value from every step of the financial journey. Give managers the information they need to act fast and enhance the customer experience with a customized branch management application with 360-degree operational insight—from asset performance and customer wait times to the top candidates for up-selling.

Strengthen branch performance and increase profits with a personalized and secure application. Unlock new opportunities within your existing customer base, and place bets to bring in new accounts.

Outperform the competition. In-store and online.

Retail is leveling up with omnichannel analytics.

Maintain your competitive edge with a data-driven retail app designed to scale—from individual locations to global franchises. Access all critical KPIs at a glance, from daily revenue and product trends to employee performance. Stay up to date on inventory needs and avoid stockouts with seamless integration to purchase order systems. 

Find out what campaigns are performing best in real time, and the products that are selling fastest to which customer segments. And get automated alerts if something’s happening outside the daily norm. 


Our team is standing by. 

What’s the fastest path to deliver impactful results? Partner with the data analytics and cloud experts that have a proven track record of success.  

Make planning, designing, and implementing a solution easy. Whether it’s modernizing legacy systems or maximizing investments in your data and people.


Healthcare, Transformed. 

Optimize workflows. Enhance services. Improve outcomes. See how innovative payers and providers are revolutionizing the healthcare experience with data analytics.


Secure Analytics for Government.

Improve mission performance. Democratize data. Prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. Build solutions with confidence that your data is secure under the highest-grade controls.

Transform your business and drive growth with data-centric solutions.