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Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Data with Cox Automotive

This edition of MicroStrategy's Executive Series features in-depth discussion with Mayank Srivastava, Senior Director of Data Engineering at Cox Automotive. The conversation covers a wide range of topics—from the importance of real-time reporting for both internal and external stakeholders, to strategies for maximizing the value of the data, and how Cox Automotive continues to revolutionize the automotive industry with innovative data and analytics applications.


[00:28] Mayank, will you let everyone know a little about yourself as well as Cox Automotive? 

[03:07] Based on your presentation from MicroStrategy World this year, we know you all have been reporting some impressive performance metrics related to the work you’re doing at Cox Automotive. Can you share some of these metrics? 

[05:54] Let’s talk about the data layer, talk to us about what you’ve done there and what the impact is upon performance and cost? 

[10:12] What is the positive cost impact of these new data initiatives? 

[12:35] How has all this work been perceived within the company, what do you hear from your internal stakeholders? 

[15:32] You’re using MicroStrategy both for your internal and external customers. Tell us more about how customers are leveraging your analytics externally?

[19:35] What are some of the new initiatives you’re planning for your end customers? 

[22:50] If someone is watching all this and wants to learn how to replicate this success in their own organization, what advice would you give them Mayank? 

[30:08] When it came to internal users and champions, how did you generate support there? 

[33:45] When did this journey begin and how long did this process of narrowing down from 16 tools to 1 tool take you all? 

[35:33] How did you all approach the shift from the tools you were using before MicroStrategy to now? 

[38:17] How are you integrating internal datasets with external datasets to get the most out of your analytics? 

[41:35] What core platform are you using for your external reporting tools?

[42:39] How did you ramp up your customers to create their own MicroStrategy Dossiers and reports (self-service)? 

[45:35] How happy are your end customers with the new reporting platform and what else are they asking for moving forward? 

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