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How Medibank Consolidated Multiple Platforms Using MicroStrategy Cloud

This edition of MicroStrategy's Executive Series features an in-depth discussion with Craig Rowlands, Senior Executive of Information Management at Medibank—one of Australia’s largest health insurance providers. The conversation will cover a wide range of topics, including the value of consolidating analytical tools in the Cloud, as well as the importance of rapid, informed decision making in the health services industry. 

About Medibank 

Headquartered in Melbourne, Medibank is a leading private health insurer with more than 40 years of experience delivering high quality care to their customers. The company manages the healthcare needs of more than 3.7 million people. Medibank’s purpose is to create Better Health for Better Lives. The company provides a range of health services including mental health support, preventative/primary care, and after-hours health services. The company also offers travel, life, and pet insurance.  

Medibank and its employees are motivated by improving the health of all people. They are passionate about building a better health system that is centered on the patients themselves. From their core private health insurance business to their complementary services, Medibank’s diverse business is aimed at improving the health of more people in more ways than ever. 

About the Executive Webinar Series 

Join MicroStrategy President and CFO Phong Le for a series of ongoing discussions with leading executives from across diverse industries. Their conversations explore how digital transformation and data analytics affects organizations in today’s landscape—and how the technological challenges/opportunities of 2021 impact the business.   


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